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Professional Management

With an experienced Management, Germaxx is able to offer the very best ACMI services in the industry, resulting in very high customer satisfaction.

Modern & Reliable Fleet

With a fleet of modern, efficient and highly reliable Boeing 737-800 aircraft, Germaxx is able to satisfy its customers during every Lease.

Safety as our main Priortity

With our customers and Passengers in mind, safety is our main priority, that's why our aircraft are checked more often than it would be required.

Worlwide Operations

At Germaxx, we do not limit our contracts to Europe, we are able to offer you a leasing contract, no matter where your airline is based.

Quick & Easy Transactions

Our trusted customers make quick & easy transactions possible, so you are able to receive an aircraft within just 24h after request.

Customized to your Needs

No matter how complex your request is, we will always do our best in order to deliver an Offer, that perfectly fits your needs.