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Our customers can accept their leasing program in various variants. We basically distinguish between 3 different programs: Basic, silver, and gold. These 3 programs differ in their costs regarding flight operations, maintenance, as well as airport handling and fuel costs. In addition, depending on demand, a distinction will also be made in the processing time of the leasing requests, whereby Gold Members always have priority, of course, as they pay higher fees in return.

At the moment we only offer the so-called "Dry-Lease" which means, except the plane you do not get any direct flight resources. Crew, as well as insurance and taxes, are taken over by you, we simply provide you with the aircraft, and strive in our tasks, which we take over through the various programs.


Our customers who have purchased the Basic Package can expect a response to their request within 72 hours, depending on the request of different customers. The aircraft will be picked up by customer crews from our parking area in Rostock Laage/RLG/ETNL, and can then be parked and prepared for flight operations at the customer's departure airport. The costs for airport stays, fees and taxes are then paid by the customer for the contractually agreed term of the leasing subscription. If necessary, the customer must contact the Germaxx control center himself to redeem the MaxxMiles collected.


Our customers who choose the Silver Program as their variant can expect a response to their leasing request within the next 48 hours after request dispatch, depending on the request to our services by given other customers. After an agreement with our management, the machine will be flown to Ostrava/OSR/LKMT by our crews for painting a "hybrid" paint job, to get a Livery consisting of stickers and fast-adhesive stamps. The aircraft is then flown from Ostrava by a customer's crew to the customer's operating airport. The prices for the airport stay, the flight operation, and the taxes are half paid by Germaxx.


Customers who have chosen the Gold Offer can expect a response to their leasing request within the next 36 hours of request submission. The requests of the Gold Members always have priority, i. e. priority over requests of the other two program variants. After an agreement with our management, the aircraft will be flown by our crew from Rostock Laage to Ostrava/OSR/LKMT to pick up the customer's livery at his expense. The customer can express his own and individual wishes, which, however, is associated with a greater expenditure of time for painting. After painting, the aircraft is flown by the customer's crew to the respective Airport of Operation to commence flight operations there. The costs for flight operations, airport fees and taxes will be borne by Germaxx until the end of the contractually agreed leasing term.